Lino Printing

With the house renovation that I have had the pleasure to be apart of coming to an end. I have created a Lino print for the new house, of the new house.

The printing involved drawing the house onto a A5 piece of lino, then using a fine cutting tool, I cut along the lines. It was important to keep the lino hot, I did this by continually ironing the back. I then used black printing ink, and created a few copies before getting the print I was happy with.


3D Printing

Through my project ‘Perform’ as part of the 1:50 model that I am making, I decided to utilise the 3D printer in the university to help portray the conveyer belt element of my design. It is the main element and it made up from curves and elevations that I created, and as already made digitally I believe that to 3D print is the best way to portray it.

To do this I first created all my objects on SketchUp, this proved difficult as how I had originally made them, were to complicated to print, so I had to use the basic outline and rebuild most of the model.

Screenshot (102)

Once completed I put the model into a programme called Cura, this allowed me to see what I had created and how it would be printed so that I can make any changes.

Screenshot (103)

Some of the elements took hours to complete as they were large and solid objects, I tried to fit all the smaller pieces on in one print to save time, I did find that when using the printers not to ask it too many pieces in one print, the less the more accurate the prints.



I am very happy with the finished project, there are some imperfections however I will use the off cuts to rebuild the missing parts.




Audio Book

Collaborating with composer Felix Lindsell- Hales together we created an audio book for my nieces 7th birthday. It involved a story of how her teddy Pooh Bear goes missing and she travels across a magical land to find him; along the way she comes across different character to guide her. These characters are all played by her friends and member of my family.

Felix recorded the story and composed music to play along side of it. I created a map for her to follow and bound the map, and the script into a book for her to keep, with a copy of the book.

Finished Book:


Map Created:


Audio Book (Please listen):


Professional Development-

As I am in my last year of university now I feel that I have enough material to start putting together a website to show potential companies or any employer that I move onto next year. I wanted to keep the design of this very simple as what should be highlighted is the work itself, and as my work is all visual I didn’t want to much colour.

I decided to put my best work on the site, mainly all from my second year in university where I feel I really found who I wanted to be as a designer and made huge progress. However one piece from my first year did make it onto the website, this is because although I am not particular proud of the visuals I made at the time, I was pleased with the general idea and scheme and I think it shows how far I have come in my three years in university.

The Website:

Screenshot (79)

House Renovation

Update: 18/08/19

Renovating Cardiff houses; the renovation of this house has faced many challenges and is currently 9 weeks into building work. It is a big project, yet with the changed that have already been made you can see the new house coming to life.

This project will now move onto starting the loft conversion, and within the next couple of weeks there will be big changes.



House Renovation

As the building work has started to commence on the house it has been time to start getting serious about the interiors, what is going where and how we can fit all of this into our budget. To help with this I have started to generate some images of what the main spaces will look like. They are the first batch of images and not nearly finished, however the give the general suggestion of what the spaces will look like. I will continue to work on these images to get them to a high standard and really show off what the space can look like.

Ground Floor- Kitchen and Living Space:


Ground Floor- Hallway:


Ground Floor- Utility Room:


First Floor- Bathroom:



House renovation

After many discussions and rethinking about how we would rearrange the house we have had plans made by an local architect.


This allows a large open plan living space downstairs, a large utility room, small toilet and grand entrance. Upstairs the toilet has been moved so that it allows three large bedrooms and a larger bathroom space. A loft conversion also allows a grand master bedroom, with en- suite, walk in wardrobe. These plans allow for a generous living space, that will be sociable and accommodate a family lifestyle. The renovation also allows an old Cardiff house that was unloved to be brought back to life, utilising what is already there and already exists and creating a beautiful home, which will never feel that it is in the middle of a busy city.

House renovation

I have been given the exciting opportunity to work as part of a house renovation taking place in Cardiff. It is taking an old semi- detached Cardiff house and turning it into a luxurious modern home. Currently the house doesn’t have hot water, electricity, holes in the floor, six layers of wall paper on every wall and a dysfunctional layout.

With some help this house will be a beautiful home.