End of Year Show

To finish the year all our work is put onto display for the world to see. This gives us an opportunity to show what we have achieved this year. I created a small space, added colours which I had used throughout my year and all my projects, built a shelf in which I could bring my work out into the space and create a smaller scale of my Lilly project. I chose to display images also of my Lilly project and also some images of my last project ‘City Fits’. I also displayed an A3 copy of my final project and an book of my year overall and a review, which I put together, created the front cover and bound the books by hand.



I am very happy with the overall presentation of my work, and excited to see where my work over the summer will take me as a designer into my final year.

Book Binding

To finish off my second year I decided to print and bind my two final submissions. This is a skills that we briefly learnt in our first year of university, however I have taken those skills and researched how to create more designs.


By making these into books i feel that it is a good way to end the year and have a final tough on how my work in presented. I am very happy with the outcome and hope that these small details on each cover help to future the schemes.


Final Evaluation

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As a final project to end my year I am over all very happy. I believe that it portrayed who I want to be as a designer; to make a space for experience that someone will never forget and impact someone’s life for the better. I am pleased with how the scheme turned out, especially as I challenged myself to find my own building in my limited time, and it was a large building with lots of restrictions. I also delivered more spaces than I thought I would be able to in the short time frame.

Although pleased, I don’t feel that the visuals show the impact and mood that I was hoping to portray, I feel that because I got very enthusiastic about the space as a whole I concentrated on getting every room done to a mediocre standard, when if I had focused in on one or two rooms I could have got very stunning visuals for them and shown how this space could have really looked. However, though the design and the visuals that I did create I hope that the general scheme and scale of this piece is shown. Through more work over the summer I am hoping to create the visuals that will make this piece stand out.

‘City Fits’


I have been creating my domes into different zones. The bar, stage room and three display rooms. The display rooms are multi functional and can be moved around and adapted depending on the client that is using them and what they want them for; it could be to display art work, hold a class, build an installation or use it as a room to practice. To help with the multi- functional design I have added large metal frame work that hold different art work of all sizes, these can be moved around.

Through the spaces I have tried to keep my design with a glamorous, industrial and yet spectacular feeling throughout. I believe I have achieved this through the materials that I am choosing, using cold metals, polished concrete, wood flooring and a huge amount of glass.

I am happy with how my design is developing, when looking at what I have created so far, I am unhappy with the choices of furniture throughout the building. Due to a shorter amount of time to work in I will have to leave these, and try to portray the general design and feeling of the design. With more time I will look over the design again and create pieces of furniture that I believe will fit into the scheme more appropriately and make it have the mood and atmosphere that I desire.

‘City Fits’

Developing my scheme,

Through making my design I don’t feel that I have used the space affectively. It is a big space and adding one large element into the design does not feel big or grand enough. I have decided to break up the design, by also still sticking to the circle theme by adding glass ‘domes’ instead, to break up each individual space that different activities can be held in rather than one large space.

Screenshot (237)we

All these spaces will still be accessible to everyone and because of the glass you will be able to go into every space and still hear and see what is happening in the others. Each dome will be connected to each other through pathways that allow you to see out into the original interiors and still feel more engaged in that space. The public will still not be able to access the original interiors or walk around them, to keep them as a ‘museum’.

‘City Fits’

Communication review,

When starting my design, I explored a way of making a historic feature of the current interiors. To do this I decided to put a large glass box into the space that will allow all activities to be held within, making a museum of the current interiors; not to be touched but to be admired.

Screenshot (230)

Inside the glass box will contain a stage, bar, seating and display area for art work. This will be a multi- functioning space and be easily adapted for each individual client depending on what artist wants to use the space.

Through doodling over the holidays, I have created a scheme revolving around circles.

This drawing has inspired me to create a flow of different elements of the design through the building…

Screenshot (255)

I then plan to future this scheme by adding circles into all elements of the design such as, a round stage, table, chairs, bar and decorative features.

‘City Fits’

For this project I have chosen to follow the ‘Arts Venue’ brief. When choosing my host building I found my own. I wanted an old building, with huge character and beautiful ascetics. When looking around Cardiff I choose the ‘Prince of Wales’ which is currently a Weather-spoons. This building has huge historic value, it was formerly known as the ‘Prince of Wales Theatre’ built in 1874. The building is grade II listed and therefore still contains most of the original features.

To source the plans for this building to get started on my design I had to search online and I managed to find the original plans that were submitted when applying for permission to make the original building into a Weather-spoons.

Looking at the plans, I next moved onto looking at the original interiors that still remain in the building and are to remain untouched.

These beautiful interiors must be worked into the design of the new building.

Next I started to focus on what I was going to be putting into the building, the arts venue calls for an adaptable space that can be used by artist, musicians, dancers, and actors. Therefore it needs to be adaptable and flexible to fix every clients needs. The space will also need to be grand, to fit with the talent that will be in the space, a piece of art in its self.

My sketch book of my working through the beginning of the project:

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