London: Clerkenwell Design Week

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Clerkenwell Design Week was a great opportunity, it was filled with designers and retailers who had created something unique. Although not able to see everything, I found I was inspired by the products I did. Personally I found the light section of the festival the most interesting, I have always been interested in light and how much difference it can make to someones experience in a space. Next year I will deferentially go again to explore this section in more detail as due to lack of time I wasn’t able to explore it in the depths I wanted to.


Walking around the festival really helped me to explore different ideas, some which were quiet simple and obvious such as how to display something within a space and others which I didn’t expect, like how companies were displaying their work and which stood out to me the most, these were always companies who did something different and unique, such as the ‘pink spaces’ within the wall; or displaying chairs secured onto a wall.

Soul Project: Week 13

My presentation:

I felt that my presentation went well, I was able to control my nerves and explain the concept and ideas behind my scheme. I was pleased with presentation and the overall look of it as I felt that it represented the brand and the colours they use. However I was disappointing the the images of my floor plans as they looked scruffy compared to the rest of my presentation. I also was not able to render any images, to really portray the mood and feeling within the space. These are all things that I will rectify within the the next two weeks, and get my presentation to a high standard, before the deadline.

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This week we were also set the task of writing a personal statement, I found this opportunity exciting, as I am able to reflect on how I have improved over the year and what I haven’t achieved that I aimed to. I have found that finding three images for my personal statement has been challenging as I don’t know how I could find three images to represent what I want to communicate.

Soul Project: Week 12

Throughout this week I have been working on Sketch up again, and my final presentation. I can finally see the end of my sketch up journey, my blue strings around the soul/sole were hard to create, I had to use a number of different techniques which were hard to replicate over and over again to get the whole building symmetrical. But I can see the progress which is being made and I am very pleased with how it is turning out.

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Soul Project: Week 11

This week I was very focused on sketch up, I am working towards the complete image. I used different textures, and edited them to be darker and lighter so that my soul/ sole would have more texture and be more interesting to look at, as using one texture did not look as effective.

I also finished the inside of the soul/ sole by adding light on both floors and up the stairs, using v- ray.  I am happy with the progress of my sketch up model and I am hopeful for how it will turn out.


Soul Project: Week 10

This week we had lectures from John Pickford, our external examiner. He talked through his role as a designer, how he got there and some of the projects he has been a part of. This really helped me to see interior design past university and how we can apply the skills we are learning to the real world. We also had a lecture from our career advisers in the university, they showed us how many opportunities there are for us, and offered their services to help us with CV writing and getting opportunities.

I worked on my sketch up model also throughout the week, developing what my final outcome will look like. I am happy with my progress so far.


Soul Project: Week 9

This week I worked on sketch up through out the week, although struggling throughout using sketch up for this project, I am finding that I am working towards a final product that I am going to be pleased with. Slowing it is coming together.

In my own time I have working on my model, trying to finish it. I used blue string around the outside to create the ‘tendons’ and small hand cut pieces of balsa wood 2 mm thick to create the shelves for the shoes.


Soul Project: Week 8

This week I worked on building the ‘soul/sole’ main part of my building. This was my biggest challenge to create and I had to spend a few days just to plan so that I don’t get it wrong and I manage to make it as beautiful as I imagine it.

To do this i created the basic structure out of paper first so that i could get the shape and size right. Then I used card and masking tape to create a solid structure;


on which i glued various different shapes that i had cut out of 2mm thick balsa wood and waxed used farrow and balls dark wood wax to make them stand out. Overall i am very happy with the overall outcome of my piece i think i manage to capture some of what i was imagining it to look like. I am very pleased, however I still need to finish by adding detail and all the other little piece which have been designed.



Soul Project: Week 7

This week was the start of our holidays, so with all this time on my hands I decided to start making my model. I thought to make my model on a 1:100 scale this way I would be able to see all the mistakes I have made and really get my head around the shape and design of this building. I decided to use the medium of cardboard, this is because it creates a solid structure and is a very pliable material.

I found building it on this scale really helped me to understand my plans and see faults within it that I wouldn’t have seen before such as how much room I have on the shop floor after I have installed the big ‘soul’ feature in my building, this lead to some adaptions to the pods (clinical spa rooms)