Ocularcentrism & Sensography

My first constellation: Sensographies of objects blindly- Pot 3

My first instincts when I smelt the pot were that I sensed a sweet and fruity smell, this lead me to the memory of my mums clean washing and snuggling up into clean bed sheets. I didn’t feel that I was getting the full flavour with the lid on the pot, so without looking and still keeping the mystery alive I smelt further into the pot; I found it to be spicy and sharp, this lead me to another memory of cooking, a zesty but still fruity smell of my family mince pies at Christmas. I then ventured into using touch. This allowed a new sense to be involved in the investigating; the object was dry, crunchy, small and there was lots of them, I felt that it might be small seeds or crushed tea leaves. I associated the smell of this object with a burgundy colour, deep and rich. I believe this was because of the rich smell of Christmas spice that I associated it with. I see burgundy as a warm and comforting colour; a warm crackling fire, mulled wine and a cosy tartan blanket.

After much investigating through my nose and fingers, to my surprise I discovered that pot 3 contained Twining’s Lady Grey Tea, Zesty Orange.


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