Soul Project: Week 3

This week we had our weekly lecture on a Monday morning, something in this lecture triggered an idea in my head, we were shown a display piece called ‘Centrifugal Soul’ which was created by Mat Callishaw, this piece gave the idea to create a ‘soul’ in my building and display all my work and ideas around this concept. We also had Concept Crit, this is where we talk in group and share our ideas and get feedback not only from out tutor but from our peers too. This really helped me to narrow my ideas down and concentrate on what is important rather than trying to get a lot of ideas all in one small space but narrow down my ideas and focus on what’s important and make that the best it can be. To help show what my ideas where I produced a scrappy model which demonstrated what the basis of my building would look like. This helps my ideas to come alive, but also to get feedback as it helped others to see my ideas as I do.


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