Sustainable Practices

Week 4:

This week we looked at old object that were found in the bin. We analysed this and tried to figure out what was wrong with it, and why someone would have thrown it away. The object still worked, a few scratched and minor issues however the product still had its primary function. The reasons for it being thrown away must have been cosmetic, maybe someone didn’t like the appearance, wanted a different colour, updated or just didn’t need it anymore. This is showing our physical obsolescence, the want for new things rather than needed them. We then considered if we needed a kettle at all? We could use a pan and heat it up on the hob, it is slower than using a kettle however more sustainable as a pan in multi- functional and could also be used to cook food. Then kettles wouldn’t need to be made saving those resources and when it comes to throwing them away, there will be less waste.

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