Exposure – Reflection

The brief for this project was open, allowing me to create my own brief and project to leave university with. I wanted to create something that would help to solve a problem in the world, and that I would feel passionate about. I decided to create floating tiny homes.

I struggled to find a host building, that already existed and was floating. Ideally, I would have liked to create my own building. Throughout the process the project developed from designing one tiny floating home, to four homes that suit a range of client’s groups which I created. This then grew into also designing three extensions, to allow the homes to grow and adapt along with life. I also added an extension externally to all the homes, a platform that floats around the existing building, to allow outdoor space for the home owners, and maintenance to the outside of the building.

The way that the project that progressed it was heading into more of an architect’s project, I was focusing on how the buildings fitted together and how it worked as a village rather than the interiors of each home. Realising this made me focus on how each interior worked, change and adapt between the different homes. I worked a lot harder to complete the interior side of the project so that I could also work the architectural side and present it as a whole.

The interior design side of the project involved design a general theme that would run through all the homes, such as using bamboo and a storage unit that contained all the essentials for a home. I also added elements such as chairs and sofas that hang from the ceiling using thick rope (to give connotations with tradition décor of boats, and a sense of floating as the building is). Themes such as grey ran through the building, any fabric surface such as cushions, bedding and the covers of the sofa were in a dark grey colour. This is a neutral modern sophisticated colour, which I believed fitted the aesthetics of the homes.

I did not include decorative details such as picture frames as I wanted the homes to be a blank canvas that whoever brought the home could take ownership of. Some of the renders used in my final presentation do include plants and book, however this is to show that certain spaces could still be utilised.

The architectural side of the project was completed at the end, where I had completed the interior side and I was happy with the outcome. This side of the project involved how all the homes fitted together as a village. This allowing me to create a ‘community’ within the village designing different activities such as a green house, community hall and bike and kayak renting buildings, and make them fit into the host building. This part of the project felt very important to me as it I believe that it makes the village a desirable place to live and these extras help to sell the interiors more.

I found this project really enjoyable; it has been my favourite project to date. I really believe that it has potential and could be carry through and help solve a number of problems in the current world. I struggled with working within the parameters of a host building, and ideally, I would have likes to design my own building.

I struggled with the amount due to having to make sketch up models, renders, plans, sections and axos for every building and different configuration that I had made (which was 7). I found this very repetitive and struggled to keep on top of things, and due to the amount, I feel that I could revise my drawings again as they could be more accurate and possibly rushed.

Covid 19 – I don’t really feel that this has affected my work, I did enjoy being able to get on with things from my own home. I was able to download all programmes that I needed with the help of Charlie. The only technical problem I came across was my glass not rendering as transparent, but a solid blue colour. I was also not able to create the model that I wanted for this project as I did plan to laser cut the materials, however I do enjoy making things by hand.

I really enjoyed the project, I am proud of what I have produced and hope to carry on this project through a masters degree next year, starting with the general concept and working from the bottom up.


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