Work Experience: ‘Part of the furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live project- Week 2

We started this week by playing an ice breaking game where we all sat in a circle and passed a ball to everyone, asking them a number of questions to get to know them such as their name, birthday and favourite food. We started this was so that they felt comfortable around us and hopefully they got to know us better and us them.

Our activities were based around maths this week, looking at scale, estimating and ratio both of which fit into their current curriculum. We did this through looking at floor plans of the classroom, getting the class to estimate the length of different areas, and then go around and actually measure them. This not only developed on their maths skills but also played into our area of getting to know the space and breaking it down into different areas, leading them to possibly look at the space differently. We did this through a work sheet that we created…

Screenshot (168)

We then had planned to complete an exercise in scale, explaining different scales and using scale ruler with assistant to create models. This didn’t work out as not everyone grasped the concept of scale and we only had three scale ruler to hand. We were able to adapt the task and ended up creating scale models, but without them measuring the classroom themselves but using a pre-made template. However they were able to create walls for the building and some got creative and were making doors and windows and other interior objects for the classroom.

We then ended the day with a mindfulness session, this was still linked to interior design, but it also felt like a good way to end the day, to calm everyone down and reflect. We followed this script:

screenshot (167)

This was very useful at the end of the day and some really nice answers came from what the class had imagined. We all feel that this can be used again in other sessions.

I feel that this week was very productive, we gained some insight into how they use the classroom and got to explore the space further ourselves. The class were very engaged and participated in all the tasks. I feel the more positive outcome from this week was seeing one of the pupils who doesn’t usually engaged in maths and doesn’t excel in this subject, answer a few questions correctly. I feel that this was because the activities were not being taught as ‘maths’ but as interior design, a different way of looking at things as the pupil was engaged and had a better understanding of what was going on. This is all i really hoped to take from this task, that a new way of looking at things can help to develop and change the way we learn.

I am excited about the next weeks learning and hope to continue to see progress in the learning and develop of the class. Again I don’t feel that my teaching skills were the strongest but I will continue to work on this. Although this week was successful I would like to be more creative in our teaching rather than it feeling too much like a maths lesson. These tasks fitted really well into the current curriculum and benefited them hugely, however I don’t feel that design wise we gain much from this, except for exploring the space and getting to know it. We also got technical information from this such as the measurements of the room, but nothing to work off aesthetically.

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