Work Experience: ‘Part of the Furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live Project: Week 7

We started this week with a re-cap on all the work that we have done so far. We looked through their work in the same process that we would look through ours when designing, we started with the mood boards they had produced. They all really enjoyed looking back at them and found the fabrics and textures the most interesting. We next looked at the perspective drawings, bubble diagrams and models. We also showed them an example of a mood board that we created for the classroom and a rough model that we made of the new design of the classroom. They responded so well to the session and they had really grasped the concepts and skills behind everything they had done and could tell us what everything was and why we did it.


Showing the new ideas… We created a PowerPoint with rendered images of a new design for the classroom using there ideas from the previous weeks. It is was initial ideas and we wanted to get the opinions of the class.

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They responded really well to the ideas and were giving feedback to each element. They were disappointed that there wasn’t a rendered image for the art area of the classroom. They suggested a lot more colour and more items on the walls such as displays. They also suggested putting the drawers that they keep all their belongings in, under the desks so they could have access to them all the time. Although this is a nice idea, we feel it would be too much of a distraction and it would just deter from their learning.



We ended the session today with mindfulness. This week it was effective as it is always a good end the day as it calms everyone down. I also feel that it really helps to explain why it is so important how, how we feel in a space is important. Experiencing something in your imagination, in the best possible way and then taking something from this. Then experiencing how they feel in the classroom, ‘reality’ to the world they imagined. Is a powerful tool in this project as we are developing the way that they feel and experience this classroom.

Week 7

This week we only did half a day of teaching, this was because we feel that we have taught the children everything that we can in terms of Interior Design, and have gathered everything that we needed from them and their ideas. So this week we were showing their ideas and how they have translated into a new design for the classroom. I feel that this week was very successful and we can change and develop our ideas on the feedback we have been given, which is all that we hoped to gain from this week. We also managed to talk to Rachel and get her opinion on the design and what is practical for her day to  day, as she is the one who will be using this classroom the most and effect her the most. Her feedback was also very positive and gave us some areas which we need to work on, such as the ceiling hangings as they will be too heavy and may be a safety hazard, now we can revisit these and develop the ideas further.

Using the image which we have created to show our initial ideas in this project and an image of the classroom you can see the difference it could make to the space. I find the contrast very interesting and I am exciting to see how it develops.


Screenshot (198)

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