‘City Fits’

Communication review,

When starting my design, I explored a way of making a historic feature of the current interiors. To do this I decided to put a large glass box into the space that will allow all activities to be held within, making a museum of the current interiors; not to be touched but to be admired.

Screenshot (230)

Inside the glass box will contain a stage, bar, seating and display area for art work. This will be a multi- functioning space and be easily adapted for each individual client depending on what artist wants to use the space.

Through doodling over the holidays, I have created a scheme revolving around circles.

This drawing has inspired me to create a flow of different elements of the design through the building…

Screenshot (255)

I then plan to future this scheme by adding circles into all elements of the design such as, a round stage, table, chairs, bar and decorative features.

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