‘City Fits’


I have been creating my domes into different zones. The bar, stage room and three display rooms. The display rooms are multi functional and can be moved around and adapted depending on the client that is using them and what they want them for; it could be to display art work, hold a class, build an installation or use it as a room to practice. To help with the multi- functional design I have added large metal frame work that hold different art work of all sizes, these can be moved around.

Through the spaces I have tried to keep my design with a glamorous, industrial and yet spectacular feeling throughout. I believe I have achieved this through the materials that I am choosing, using cold metals, polished concrete, wood flooring and a huge amount of glass.

I am happy with how my design is developing, when looking at what I have created so far, I am unhappy with the choices of furniture throughout the building. Due to a shorter amount of time to work in I will have to leave these, and try to portray the general design and feeling of the design. With more time I will look over the design again and create pieces of furniture that I believe will fit into the scheme more appropriately and make it have the mood and atmosphere that I desire.

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