‘PEL’ Space

To bring my ‘Perform’ design to life, I projected an image into a PEL (Perceptual Experience Lab) space, this allows myself and others to see the design come to life and experience the space in a 1:1 scale in virtual reality. I decided to use what I believe to be the most powerful image of my presentation which is of the ground floor.


I had to adjust the image to 5280px- 1980px for the image to fit onto the screen. This involved re-rendering the image on V-Ray to this size.

The Result: 




Short video which show the image in the PEL Space with added sounds, experimenting with the opportunities that the PEL Space holds. The video is not the best quality however it demonstrates the effects that can be added to an image to bring the sense of reality to an image.

Having access to a space such as this really allows me to bring my deign to life. The opportunities that the PEL Space holds is endless. Using it alongside this project has allowed me to see what it can do and what I want to use it for in my next project.

When working with others and experiencing their work in the same space I realise what made their work stand out compare to mine. The main point was that they both gave enough floor space at the front of the image for the perspective of where we were stood to seem ‘real’.

Experiencing what others can do with the space has made me more ambitious to use the space more and to its potential, including videos, and sounds to create an immersive user experience.

The work featured above is the work of:

Eleonora Piga- ‘The Red Room’  -Elleinteriordesignblog.wordpress.com

Jarret Williams- ‘Omega’  -jwinteriordesign@wordpress.com


Example of what can be done:

In the video above is demonstrated the use of animation in the space, the main point I have taken from this is that the use of sound and movement brings a more immersive experience then an image ever could. I aim to be able to add some of these elements into my next design.

Although extremely happy with the PEL experience, I realise when rendering my images for the space that I need to take into consideration the space between the beginning of the image and the floor. My Sushi bar starts at floor level in these images need a cylinder output, so that the reality of standing in the space is translated as reality. This will involve a lot more work, however to develop this for my next project would really bring a sense of how I imagine a space to feel to others standing in space.

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