The first few weeks in Constellation:

I found that constellation has opened my eyes to so many new things. Through being shown new concepts and idea that I can include in my own work through the Interior Design course but also my own personal work too; it has also allowed me to meet new people in the university that I wouldn’t have otherwise met. So far I have really enjoyed the course and what it is teaching me, however to gain these insights I have had to struggle through the early morning starts. When I first started this course I was anxious to see what it would entail and if I would even enjoy it, but I was also excited to see where it could take my work.

I have been coping with the course well and this has lead to me enjoying it more. Through the work and lectures I have found that my strengths are that I am able to manage my constellation work and interior design work well and focus on them both without falling behind in one area. I have found that I need to strengthen my creative writing, I believe that this is important to the course but is also a key skill that I need to improve.

I plan to overcome my weaknesses, to do this I will strengthen my creative writing. To do this I could seek assistance from my tutor, practice more creative writing pieces, extra reading, or even attend classes. I also plan to strengthen my ability to make links between theory and practice. This will not only help my constellation and interior design work now but will be a very useful skill in any future projects or pieces of writing.

I believe I struggle with some of these things because I haven’t even been properly taught them or I haven’t had enough practice using them. When I finish a piece of work written or practical, I like to feel a sense of excitement that when I look at it I smile or have the need to send a picture to my mum for her final verdict. However I find that if a piece of writing or design goes wrong I struggle to move on from it and try to focus on how I can fix it, instead of moving on and trying something new.

I measure success on what other people think of my work, encouragement that what I have done is good and someone other than me likes it.

Reflecting on my work so far has given me an insight into what i need to focus on and look into, to improve my work.

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