Collaboration ‘Light’

Week  4: Architecture Design and Technology

This was our first week of Collaboration in our new groups. I was working with Jordan from adt, Adeshola from fashion design and myself and Georgia from Interior Design. Our first task was to create a short film which was to show spaces within the university, and explain how they made us feel.

Initially as a group we worked well together and seemed to get on. We set up a group chat so that we could always communicate and arranged times in the week where we were going to tackle this project. As individuals on the Monday we took videos of spaces that we liked and meant something to us, then we regrouped and showed each other what we had. The next day we walked around as a group and took some videos that were significant to all of us. We planned how we wanted it to look and what we felt the best clips were and that gave the most impact. Jordan then used him video editing skills to put together our final video.

I was happy with the overall outcome of this project. I felt that as a final piece it wasn’t very strong and didn’t have a massive impact on the viewer, this is because it was the first project and we weren’t completely comfortable around each other yet, which meant we were trying to figure out how we would all work as a group and who had what skills. We had decided that none of us felt comfortable talking over the presentation so were going to use subtitles within our video to show how the spaces made us feel, and have music playing over the top. In the final video the music didn’t work and we not able to edit it on top. I also felt that the words on the presentation went past too fast and an audience would struggle to see what they said. The presentation didn’t go as planned as our video wouldn’t work on the big screen to show everyone, this was disappointing as it meant we weren’t able to show off what we had made together.

I feel that this project was successful but could have been improved as we were working together as a new group and didn’t really know each other. Throughout the project we worked well together some of the group were had more input than others and contributed more, however we were all involved. I feel that the next project will be better as we are more comfortable working with each other and know what our strengths are.


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