Nomadic Workspace

Week 1:

On our first week back after a long break we have been given the exciting task of creating a nomadic workspace. The brief for this task has been given through Orangebox, a design company that creates and sells products that will improve the workspace. After having lectures with Orangebox and our tutor, i struggled with an idea as the brief wasn’t specific and allowed us to essentially create whatever we wanted.

The essential information that I picked up from the Orangebox lecture was that they were looking for something new and exciting, adaptable, flexible, must fit the old and the new, must be personal, use natural materials, include an element of nature and must fix a problem that currently exists in the workplace.

From all the information that we have been given I have decided to start by doing some research into what the current issues in the workplace and then focus on something and drive and create and object and space through that. This will insure that I fit the brief and hopefully create something amazing.

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