Week 3: Field

This week I experimented with different colours and lighting on my origami Lilly’s. This allowed me to experiment with different moods and atmospheres that the colours would bring to the space. I have decided to use both pink and white Lilly’s in the space, as they both take the light very differently and it helps to create the mood that i want. I still am undecided on what colour light to use, and may leave this until the day to keep experimenting.


I have also been working on a SketchUp model this week, this has allowed me to create the space digitally before creating it. Through doing this I know that when I hang the Lilly’s they need to be low as when Lilly walks through them they need to be at a height where she can touch and interact with them.

Screenshot (139)

Johnathon Clarkson Lecture  


  1. the Plinth. The setting for an object is a parergeon and isn’t part of the object. The plinth serves a similar function for sculpture, the whole room affects how each individual work is seen. The setting is where the object touches the world. the size and shape of the plinth is critical to the affect of the sculpture. Contact needs to be managed.
  2. Lighting. Lighting is part of the objects setting and affects the way the object touches the world. Meaning of the statue or object is altered by its context.
  3. Environment. From object to environment. Creating a space, experience, architecture, silence and noise. Separate ourselves from the noise around us and focus on the object itself.


I have also been looking at Sir Anthony Gormely, through my work. I have always been inspired by his work and his use of human form throughout his work, and the scale that he works on.

I am going to apply some form of Sir Anthony Gormleys work to my own, by experimenting with how Lilly interacts with the space and how human form changes how it feels and looks, to how it looks independently.

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