Model Making


As part of the design project ‘perform’ I created a model to help demonstrate the scheme of my design.

I decided to create the model on a 1:50 scale, the larger scale demonstates each element in more detail. As I designed each element in my design i found it hard to create each element to replicate the design. To solve the problem I used the digital models that I had created in SketchUp and 3D printed them.

I hand cut the building from card, and coated the walls and floors in bulsa wood, which I waxed so that it was a darker richer colour.

I am happy with how my model turned out, it helps to demonstrate my scheme and really explains some of elements.

I was disappointed in some elements, I think that the finish is messy. I also made some mistakes not taking into account the thickness of the wood when I printed elements such as the stairs, so they didn’t fit into the model as smooth as I wanted them too.



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